July 17, 2017

Sometimes, I wonder, if at least a little of the trouble we encounter in our dust-and-clay life here on earth is due to trying to hold on to things that are supposed to be released.

My family has recently acquired some beautiful, snugly fur-babies in the form of two female guinea pigs that we keep some of the time inside a generous-sized cage in our lounge room. The last few weeks have been devoted to trying to establish the trust of these little ones; it is a patient task and one that requires a little self-denial if nothing else: trying to handle them when they do not want to be handled is futile. They duck and run and attempt to hide, and even if they are pacified a little, their poor small hearts pound against the palm of your hand.

I don’t want our guinea pigs to stay in our arms out of fear; I want them to feel safe there.

The more I hold them against their will, the less likely they are to trust my hands.

And so to bring them close, I need patience.

I need to meet them on their terms...

July 9, 2017

A month ago, I released a word on our social media about holes. You can find it here. It seems to me that in this busy, crazy beautiful thing that we call life, it is easy to get caught up in the rush...our own thoughts become replaced by popular opinion, our schedules fill up before we have the chance to decide how we would like to use our days and the gift of discovering our place in the world can easily become the burden of trying to be everything that we are supposed to be all at once.

Our souls crave space; breathing room. 

Abba, in His wisdom, has created seasons and rhythms in nature. The cold season, although often bleak and discouraging, allows us to come indoors and quieten our spirits. Father calls us and waits for us, promising that  

'in returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and trust shall be your strength.'

What is it that we are invited to return to?

As mothers, we are invited to be gently led, to come away and move to the quiet rhythm of gr...

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