The hardest day of the week

It is Monday.

I can hear warm air moving through the vents of our ducted heating. There are birds outside and the gravel is wet from the weekend rain.

My laptop is before me; so is my calendar and phone; my post-its, invitations and messages that need organising so that I can see what needs attending to this week; where I need to be and what I need to do.

It's 11:27am.

I'm already very behind.

I find myself thinking, 'I hate Mondays' and with it comes the sensation of weightiness. Of burden. Of energy leaking out of me.

This is my Monday-problem.

Maybe you have a Monday-problem.

Or maybe your Monday is well-organised.

Maybe you planned for it yesterday.

Feeling stuck, I find myself googling, 'Why do people hate Mondays?' and the results come up in 0.75 seconds. Almost fourteen million of them. I find an article that invites me in; to quieten myself and breathe; to allow my body to become still and relaxed. As I feel the panic subside just a little; the article invites me to be thankful for the things I hate about Monday.

Say what?

As I wonder about what the author has suggested, I am reminded of the apostle Paul, exhorting us to

'always giving thanks to God the Father for all things'

Of King David, who reminds us that we

'enter the Lord's gates with a song of thanksgiving'

So I try it.

  • Thank you, Lord, that I have people in my life; a family to look after and responsibilities to keep me active.

  • Thank you that I have a schedule; a structure upon which to hang my day and plan my activities. It would be difficult if there was nothing to mark my time with.

  • Thank you for beginnings; for stability and consistency: that Monday keeps coming around, as steady as the sunrise.

I feel my outlook begin to shift.

I remember that I am blessed. That God is good and He has blessed me with good things.

The circumstances remain the same, but I am looking at them from a different angle and I feel the energy begin to bud within me. Gratitude swells.

I am in His presence and I sense it more now.

As I begin to list the things that I need to attend to this week, I am reminded that many of them are fruitful things: things He has called me to. Things that are budding with opportunity; that He is waiting to bless.

I go back to the article, which now encourages me to ask myself what triggered the thought, I hate Mondays?

I am told to practice self-compassion as I answer my question.

- I find that I am tired, because life moves very fast.

- I find that I don't always have time to think about what I commit myself to, so I have things to do that I shouldn't be doing.

- I find that I am not very organised and don't know how to be just now, so I am always in a hurry, always trying to catch dropping balls.

Can you relate?

What would it feel like to be kind to yourself?

To let yourself feel sad for awhile; overwhelmed and tired in His arms?

I sit and let the Father hold me for a bit.

I feel Him whisper in my spirit 'Yes, my darling. I know life moves very fast.'

'I know that you don't yet know how to handle all the things. I know that you find it hard to say no because you want to help people.'

As I am held for awhile, I feel the fog begin to clear.

Take my yoke.

It is gentle. It doesn't press into us as we move with Him.

Learn from Me.

There are just enough hours to do His work for me today. He shows me where to tread.

I am breathing slowly again.

Here is the rest.

The 'renewal, the blessed quiet' for my soul.

I find it in thanksgiving.

I find it in His grace toward me.

I find it in His work and not my own.

Monday is another beginning.

Another chance to be yoked to Him.

To let Him lead me into the week.

He is good.

So very good.

And this is the way.

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