Turn the page

As a child, I loved to read.

The escapism that comes with printed words is wonderful!

When it came to reading, one of the best treasures were the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books because they held the charm of partnering with the author to direct the outcome.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, imagine a book where a few pages in, you get to choose between crossing the rickety bridge to the castle or climbing a glistening glass ladder to another world. Essentially, you as the reader get to choose where the story leads.

Find one to read if you haven't yet experienced the wonder of these books!

If you were one of the lucky ones to know the goodness of those books, maybe you can recall resisting the urge to peek your way through the story in order to determine which path was the best one to take; or perhaps you didn't resist and you arrived at the chosen conclusion exactly as planned, mapping each choice you would make along the way.

Me, though, when I chose a path that didn't satisfy, I'd go back and read again until I found the sweet spot of the story.

Don't you wish life was that easy?

Put the book down, take a breath after the undesirable outcome, dust off, undo that choice, start again, take another path...arrive someplace different.

Is it really that different, or do we just choose to look at the world differently now?

It's funny how as adults, we tend to lose that child-like wonder and adventure for fear of making the wrong choice; it's a tragedy. As kids, we looked at the possibility that those books held and launched into trying different options. The adventure wasn't about knowing the outcome but experiencing the surprise. We weren't afraid to fail, we learnt from the story and tried again.

When did we let go of that hope and sense of adventure; or the persistence?

Sadly, instead, we often become immobilised for fear of making the wrong decision. Granted, these days adulting requires us to make some pretty serious choices, but do we still choose with adventure in our heart or are we always opting for safe outcomes every time?

Often, we pray and wait, and ask again and wait, and complain the answer is taking too long in coming...and wait some more. We feel we're doing the right thing, petitioning God for what the 'right' answer is.

What is the correct choice God; a, b or c?

After all, we know our Father knows best. So we become debilitated; hesitant to take one more step before hearing Him speak, seeing that sign, or simply waiting for some indication that we won't fail this time. Sometimes the answer comes, sometimes it doesn't.

What do we do when the answer isn't forthcoming?

What then?

I have great news for you; it's time to be released. There is empowerment for you to live without disqualifying all of the life-filled options because you're perpetually waiting for that green light or for the finger of God to appear out of heaven saying 'Go forth!'.

Dear Son, lovely Daughter; can you hear Father speaking today?

'Sweet one, choose your adventure'

He has placed gifts, talents, dreams, even discontent, to propel you toward a future that looks like bringing heaven to earth through what He has sown into your uniqueness. He planted them in you! Even more exciting is that these longings are often there to point to your purpose on the earth.

Find assurance in this; if you ultimately want to live life to please God, if you desire to live in His word, to bring His kingdom into the world around you: if you want to bring Him the ultimate glory...it's go time.

Yes, pray for His guidance; but also choose.

Sure, you may fall a time or two; but failure is a great teacher. Lean into that childlike wonder; new discoveries are a page turn away.

Have fun adventuring!

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