You are my hiding place

'You are my hiding place...'

Psalm 32:7



Tucked away.

Out of sight.

These are beautiful concepts to me lately. Perhaps you can relate.

To be a mum is to be available. Our accessibility is an important part of our children's security. There are blessings and challenges in the work of motherhood. Some of the challenges may be mounting for you right now.

As I write, I am in a car. It is clean, small and quiet beneath the shade of our backyard trees. It is a project my husband has been working on for his sister and her family. The interior of the Kluger is clean, worn and comfortable. There is a sense of space. The tinted windows increase the separation between me and the work my children are doing. We are schooling from home, like so many others during this season.

Right now, my son is on a break. I hear him happily chatting to his soft toys as he plays on the trampoline not far away from where I sit. He is most comfortable when I am nearby.

My children are now at an age where they can respect the levels of my availability. They know that I am always available for emergencies.

Blood, vomit, fire, burglars.

That's our measure of an actual emergency. I smile as I write this.

Other 'emergencies' in our home have included the dire need for Ro-bucks immediately (currency in my son's favourite video game), requests to hire movies or cook up the night's dinner-mince for a snack.

We have had to tighten the defination.

Since we have been schooling from home, school-related problems have been relegated temporary residence in the 'emergency' zone.

I am available for most of the day for their other needs; the need for connection, continuity, house work, quality time.

But it is important, particularly as we do school from home and are spending 23-24 hours of the day together at home that I take some time to be unavailable.

My friend Mel has helped me to understand the importance of scheduling time for myself. It has taken a long while for mum-guilt to move aside. It finally clicked when I realised that the only way my kids will get the best me is if I take time to be alone at points during the day.

In those times I pause, rest, talk to God and re-calibrate.

If I asked you to speak to me of a time or a place where you felt safely hidden, away from expectation and need, what would you tell me? Where were you? Perhaps you were snug in a doona with your bedroom door closed. Maybe you were under a great tree with a picnic blanket and a book. Was it a bathtub?

For the non-introverts, perhaps it was in the presence of a dear friend.

'You are my hiding place.' Psalm 32:7

Father tells us that He is our hiding place. Through the words of the Psalmist we learn that God's presence is a safe place. The retreat that we may take at any time, regardless of our circumstances or our limitations. He is the unlocked door for all who are 'weary' and 'heavy laden'.

What exactly does that mean?

Can you take a moment to sit somewhere quietly...either now or later.

Breathe in and out a few times, allowing your body to relax.

Do you understand that God is here?

Present with you in this very moment.

Take a moment to think about that.

Not only is He here, but He is willing.

Willing to trade your heavy load for His light one.

Ready to guide you and direct you.

To take your cares from you.

To give you purpose and clarity.

Ready, just to be with you.

Breathe that in.

What does your day look like through the eyes of His 24-7 accessibility for you?

'...You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.' Psalm 32:7

The Psalmist's poetic language speaks of God's perfectly-tuned and custom care. He fashions words and melodies that soothe our unique needs and challenges. His words and goodness toward us refresh our soul and fill us as though we had eaten a rich and heartening meal. His direction is a lamp for us. He refreshes and heals our soul.

What is Father wanting to sing over you today?

What is troubling you? Still yourself.


Where is He shining light?

Quieten your own soul, with it's broken experiences, it's chafing and it's tiredness.

Where is He breathing life?

'...But he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him. Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you righteous; And shout for joy, all you upright in heart! Psalm 32:10a,11

The Lord is good to us. He will not leave us without help or hope.

He is our hiding place.

Take shelter in Him today.

These photos were taken by my sweet son, aged ten, as we enjoyed the early Spring weather in our front yard. He is often on the lookout for things of note and today's flowers were something to behold.

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